Security seal

A question on many minds: Does the property of holiday home really exist?

We have the solution: Our Holilando security seal.

You can display your real estate ad with our Holilando security seal. The seal means that the genuineness/authenticity of your offer was checked by Holilando.

If you list your accommodation on Holilando, you have until the end of the set-up process the option of clicking a checkbox that confirms your intent to add a security seal to your ad. In addition to the clickable checkbox, you will be asked to send the appropriate evidence or documents, such as current bills from suppliers, to the mail address given which prove that you are the rightful owner of the property or are authorised to list it.

We check the documents provided to us and then put our seal on your online listing.

Our security seal thus visualises directly individually checked properties and thereby gains a high level of credibility and more confidence amongst our users.

Security seals can only be booked for paid premium services. This additional service itself is free.

When you list your accommodation with us, you have the option of selecting "premium offer".